Global data and information services provider Experian (EXPN) leapt to the top of the FTSE 100 leader board on Wednesday, rising 8.4 percent to £27.34 after reporting solid full-year results and saying it’s positioning itself to ‘strongly recover’ from the crisis by investing in assets and growth initiatives. 

Turnover for the year to the end of March grew 8 per cent on a similar basis to $5.18bn, helped by a good fourth quarter, with minimal pandemic effects. 

Annual growth was strongest in North America, 11 percent like for like, and 13 percent in Latin America, while revenues fell by 2 percent in the United Kingdom and Ireland. North American growth increased to 13 percent for the fourth quarter, while UK and Ireland sales dropped 5 percent. 

In addition to organic growth, the firm made further strategic progress after the end of the financial year with the acquisitions of Compuscan, one of Africa’s leading credit offices, and a majority stake in Germany’s second largest credit bureau, AFS Risk Management.

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